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About The General Company for Phosphate And Mines

About The General Company for Phosphate And Mines

The general company of phosphate and mines, established in 1970 with decree no /122/.

It’s subsidiary to the general association of geology and mines, it’s function is to get the benefit of non-mineral raw materials in the Syrian Arab Republic territories, and charged with the following tasks:

– The Production, investment and concentration of the raw materials of phosphate.

– The creation of necessary plants for producing and investing the non-mineral materials in the ministry of petroleum and mines jurisdiction.

– Administrating means of transportation of the company projects besides the ports charge pavements.

– carrying out all contracts and agreements necessary to conduct its mission in production, investment and marketing.

The General Manager: Eng. Osama Mahmoud Hashem

The general administration is located in Hims with branch directorates in productions sites all over country:

– Eastern Mine.
– Khnefis Mine.
– Loading Management.
– Transport branch. 

The raw materials of phosphate are mined from two major sites:

Khnefis and Eastern Mines with a medial percentage of phosphoric dioxide /24 -28%/.

Starting from 1980s to the present day, the productive density of the two mines is /2650000/ tons, /800000/ of which from Khnefis mine and the rest /185000/ tons from Eastern mines (A) and (B), while the discovered reserve exceeds /2/ billion tons. Eastern phosphate reserve is considered the most important.

The company is willing soon to produce additional amount of the washed phosphate so the general annual production becomes /3.8/ million tons i.e.
The productive density of phosphate becomes /3.85/ million tons starting from 2005.

Most of the produced qualities, /80%/ of the general production, are for export. The rest /20%/ is locally used in making phosphoric acid and phosphate fertilizer in Hims Fertilizer.

The phosphate and especially the raw materials are being transported by railway to Tartous port /265/km away from mines.

The ordinary phosphate (P2O5) is transported in a percentage of /29.75- 30.25%/ to Hims fertilizer and Tartous port while washed – dried phosphate
of /30.75 – 31.5 %/ is transported to Tartous.